Workshop machining and repair

CMI Services takes care of all types of repairs for mechanical parts or sub-assemblies and returns them to optimal conditions for operation, having repair workshops in each industrial basin where it has a presence.

These activities are carried out as on-site maintenance or in the workshop, according to the nature of the repair and the involved component. The equipment and expertise of CMI enables it to take care of traditional or high added value parts, of very varied weights and dimensions, and covering a variety of materials (allied and regular steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminium, plastics, titanium, cast iron, rubber and graphite…).

In particular, for parts which are difficult to transport, the CMI mobile machining unit has been designed to be used rapidly and autonomously, independent of site infrastructures. This unit possesses all of the necessary portable equipment such as boring tools, magnetic foot drills, weld preparation machines and rotary brushes, traditional and digital milling machines (CNC)…