CMI offers welding repair services.

In most cases, CMI uses welding technique to bring existing installations or equipment back up to standard, if they have been damaged through wear or poor use. The components are mainly made of regular steel, high yield strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

CMI can rely on its Welding Expertise Center for:

Mastering of welding processes and raw materials

  • Welding of prototypes
  • Specific and delicate welding on site or in the workshop
  • Manufacturing of special high standard equipment
  • Further training in welding methods
  • Expertise related with welding or thermal treatment
  • Level 3 expertise for non-destructive testing

A few examples of mechanically welded or boilermaking parts :

  • Complex frames and structures
  • Foundation parts, support, load bearing structures, walkways
  • Mechanically welded construction elements
  • Hoppers, feeders
  • Silos, tanks drums, tubs
  • Annealing furnaces for coils and expanded coils
  • Rolling gantry accessories (cranes and rolling beams)
  • Steel products such as : 
    • Steel grabs and hooks 
    • Handling equipment
    • Rockers