Weapons systems 25-120 mm for high-mobility armoured vehicles

CMI Defence designs, manufactures, integrates and upgrades weapons systems for the full range of 25 to 120 mm calibres. Embodying the essence of the Cockerill® brand, CMI Defence weapons systems combine great firepower and light weight, guaranteeing performance and protection on the one hand and air transportability on the other hand. They are modular and designed to evolve at moderate cost according to the needs of their users.

Cockerill®: excellence in high impact light weapons systems

CMI Defence is constantly innovating in order to anticipate the growing and evolving requirements of land armies in terms of polyvalence and high mobility. These innovations are all undertaken with a common objective: to develop the capabilities of Cockerill® weapons systems, whether they are new or already in operation, in line with the evolution of the operational constraints of their users.

The recent innovation efforts of CMI Defence in particular involve the modularity of weapons systems, their situational awareness and indirect firing capabilities, their ability to integrate data received from drones, the development of simulation and training solutions, the integration of anti-tank missiles and the use of light and robust composite materials.