Waterways and hydrolectric services

CMI Services offers global solutions to operators of port, water, maritime infrastructures, and hydroelectric plants.

Business fields

  • Maintenance of floodgates
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of water main valves
  • Manufacturing and supply of butterfly valves
  • Maintenance of aqueduct valves
  • Maintenance of aqueduct gates
  • Maintenance of spillways
  • Maintenance and supply of cofferdams
  • Revamping and manufacturing of winches and gearboxes
  • Maintenance and manufacturing of link chains
  • Maintenance of generation units
  • Maintenance of screen rakes
  • Design, manufacturing, erection, and maintenance on dams
  • Design, manufacturing, and erection of lock gates (miter gates, lift gates, rotary locks)
  • Design, manufacturing, and erection of port equipment
  • Turnkey supply of gangways for vehicles
  • Turnkey supply of footbridges for pedestrians
  • Turnkey supply of floating structures
  • Turnkey supply of heavy floating pontoons
  • Manufacturing and supplies for cranes and port equipment
  • Maintenance works during lock or dam during servicing standstills
  • Manufacturing or revamping of dry-dock vessels or flapgates for dry-docks
  • Revamping of hydraulic structures
  • Repair and servicing of hydraulic plants on supply ships

Capabilities & Achievements

  • Mechanical works
  • On-site and workshop machining
  • Electrical and automation works
  • Management and operation of port and water infrastructure
  • Metalworks
  • Design and repair of seals
  • Revamping and supply of instrumentation and control systems
  • Surface treatment system (ACQPA system)
  • Works on ropes
  • Underwater works
  • Work in confined space
  • Hoisting land/sea/air


  • Certified staff M0, M1, and M2
  • Cofrend 2
  • Electrical accreditations
  • Asbestos accreditations (section 4)