Water treatment

Our knowledge and expertise of water allows us to meet all the needs of public authorities and industries with a constant adaptation to local regulatory and economic constraints.

The context in which we all operate is constantly changing, progressing at the pace of new regulations. This is why our experts in water, CMI Aquaged, CMI Balteau and CMI Proserpol, put all their experience and talent at your service to offer complete, innovative, tailor-made solutions at the service of environmental performance:

  1. Drinking water production: our solutions enable you to collect water from its natural environment and treat it to make it drinkable (groundwater, surface water and seawater).
  2. Process water: the water treatment is tailored to your needs and market requirements (demineralized water, deferrized water, etc.).
  3. Waste: wastewater is treated (domestic and industrial wastewater, and sometimes rainwater) via a waste water treatment plant according to a multiple stage process, in order to return clean water to the natural environment or for reuse (watering, irrigation or industrial processes).
  4. Recycling of sewage sludge: when treating waste water at the treatment plant, liquid sludge is produced. We offer treatment solutions for transforming the liquid sludge into a product of agricultural (compost) or energy value (biogas, cogeneration, methane fermentation etc.).
  5. Preventive and curative services of industrial and commercial facilities: our wide range of treatment products and innovative solutions helps treat the general problems associated with water, such as corrosion, deposit formation (tartar, sludge), legionella and foam.

We provide support at different steps of a project, from design to commissioning in cooperation with our customers. This enables us to offer to our customers an optimised treatment solutions with investment and operating costs while meeting discharge standards.

We appeal not only to specific industrial companies in a certain range of activity sector (fine and heavy chemicals, the metal industry, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronics etc.) but also to local authorities.

All our services can be applied to new and existing installations.


  • Engineering and construction of treatment units
  • Production of drinking water, industrial water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Recycling of treated wastewater and industrial effluent
  • Operation, maintenance and optimization of treatment units