Valves & Fittings

CMI is able to undertake the maintenance of all types of valves to meet the needs of a wide range of business sectors. In general, CMI distinguishes stands out:

  • for its expertise in the highly complementary technical fields it works in, such as mechanics, electricity, instrumentation, running-in and machining on site or in the workshop...
  • for its acknowledged skills in the nuclear sector where the imperatives are particularly strict.  Here, CMI offers a comprehensive maintenance  service, taking full charge of all of a unit's valve maintenance operations.

Types of valve

  • Manual valves
    • Parallel slide gate valves
    • Wedge-gate valves
    • Globe valves
    • Manual regulating valves
    • Pressure reducers - dischargers
    • Check valves
  • Anti-return flap valves
    • Ball check valves
    • Gate valves
    • Mannesman Valves
    • Assisted valves
  • Pneumatic on-off valves
  • Pneumatic regulating valves
  • Electric valves
  • Servomotors of all types

The work we perform

We carry out corrective, preventive and conditional maintenance. The main operations we perform on valves are:

  • Inspection of the lower part internals of the valves
  • The grinding or lapping of the internals and seats
  • Inspection of pneumatic actuators
  • Full servomotor inspection
  • Adjustment of actuators whatever their type
  • Repair of packing glands
  • Execution of conditional maintenance diagnoses
  • Greasing operations
  • … and any other specific maintenance on valves



  • Maintenance of all types of valve
  • Specific appraisal for nuclear valves: primary circuit valves, back-up circuit valves, secondary circuit valves and all auxiliary circuit valves


  • Appraisals
  • Comprehensive maintenance services
  • Quick response and high availability of maintenance teams