Training in energy efficiency

The courses given by our team at CMI Energy Efficiency were originally meant for the people in charge of energy management in the various Group companies. Today these go beyond the Group itself and are even recognized by major industrial companies.

CMI also gives training sessions for AFNOR Compétences, the French Standardization Association.

Our courses not only provide an understanding of theoretical, normative, and legal concepts, but also, above all, through step-by-step presentations, they provide concrete  industrial examples and practical tools from which customers can build, among other things, their own monitoring indicators and benchmarks.

Thanks to the publicizing of this partnership, CMI organized over 120 training days for more than 200 participants from major enterprises like Michelin, Engie, Orange, EDF, etc. as well as from small and medium-sized companies.

Unique feature: All our trainings can take place at customer site. This “in the field” option allows us to take concrete action on actual processes and see the results first hand.

Energy efficiency is not only a promising market. It is, above all, a way of working, a way of being that holds the attention of an increasing number of companies, whatever their business or size. Given our industrial history, our engineering expertise, our global coverage, our will to develop in environmental fields and to always be at the forefront of innovation, CMI contributes to this process.

Do you or your colleagues wish to participate in training?
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