Thermal treatment of solids

The Nesa Solution® is active in the field of environmental solutions. Nesa is specialized in thermal processes, owns and operates a pilot plant where the processes of customers can be developed, confirmed and refined. Three types of furnaces are available: multiple hearth furnace, rotary kiln  and shaft kiln.

Nesa has developed over the past 35 years many thermal treatment processes derived from one general concept: the thermal treatment in an accurately controlled mode. The basic principle consists in the precise control of the temperature profile within the treated product, as well as in the gaseous phase atmosphere.

The Nesa Solution®, one of the leaders in multiple hearth furnaces, provides a full set of thermal solutions in the field of pyrolysis, incineration and combustion, regeneration of activated carbon etc.


Nesa developed a pyrolysis concept for the treatment of municipal wastes and industrial residues. Pyrolysis can be defined as the thermal conversion of solids and/or liquids into gaseous compounds plus a solid residue (consisting of fixed carbon and mineral matter).

Thermal treatment in controlled mode thanks to the Nesa multi-stage reactor. Control over temperature profiles, residence time & gaseous atmospheres through the whole thermal reactor.

Incineration & Combustion

Thermal treatment of sludges performed in two stages in the Nesa Multiple Hearth Reactor: first, as a Pyrolytic Gasification of Volatile Organic Components, second, as Incineration/Combustion operations of the remaining fixed carbon.

Regeneration of Activated Carbon

Treatment of spent carbon in a controlled atmosphere with a specific temperature profile through the Nesa multi-stage reactor for the regeneration of high quality activated carbon. Numerous applications exist, such as processing of Sugar Food & Beverages, Water of flue gas Treatment…

Multiple Hearth Furnace

The Multiple Hearth Furnaces (or MHF) are designed by the Nesa Solution® as per the “Nichols Herreshoff” technology since 1968. 150 industrial references commissioned during 50 years in many thermal process applications.

Recycling of Solid Wastes

Reclaiming of high value metal oxides or salts in residues after thermal treatment thanks to the Nesa MHF.

Energy Recovery

Thanks to the Nesa Solution® energy recovery during the thermal treatment of industrial & municipal wastes/sludge/residues.