Central Tower Receivers for Solar Thermal Electricity

Capitalizing on 200 years of experience in steam generation and boiler manufacturing, CMI Energy offers solar thermal receivers for high power Concentrated Solar Power Plants.

CMI mainly works on the central tower technology, in which a receiver located at the top of a tower absorbs the solar energy concentrated by thousands of mirrors on the ground. This technology is as efficient for the heating  of molten salts or another heat transfer fluid and for direct steam generation, This is in fact the most promising technology to compete with low cost photovoltaic, thanks to its ability to economically store high quantities of energy and so allow dispatchability and overnight electricity production.

CMI designed and supplied a receiver for the 50 MWe Khi Solar One plant, now in commercial operation in South Africa.
CMI also designed and delivered the molten salts receiver for the 110 MWe Atacama 1, under site erection in Chile (760 MWth absorbed power, 17.5 hours storage).