The Nesa Solution®

Thanks to "The Nesa Solution®", CMI Environment is active in the field of environmental solutions, either with Multiple Hearth Furnace (M.H.F.) and Shaft Kiln (S.K.)

Its offer covers 4 main industrial fields:

1. Environment (pyrolysis)

  • Sludge (industrial / municipal / paper mill)
  • Soot residue
  • Electronic Scraps
  • Plastic scraps

2. Calcination (industrial minerals)

  • Magnesite
  • Dolomite
  • Carbonates and hydroxides

3. Carbon

  • Torrefaction of biomass
  • Carbonization
  • Activation
  • Re-activation of spent carbon

4. Roasting

  • Oxidizing roasting
  • Selective roasting

Moreover, CMI Environment owns and operates a "The Nesa Solution®" pilot plant where the processes of customers can be developed, confirmed and refined. Such a facility, unique in Europe, is a huge asset when seeking innovative processes or fine-tuning an existing treatment plant:

  • product characterization
  • qualitative (batch tests) and quantitative (continuous tests)
  • adjustment of our processes to your products
  • full comprehensive report
  • research & development
  • tailor made solutions

The pilot plant is equipped with:

  • a single hearth batch furnace
  • a multiple hearth furnace
  • an after-burning chamber
  • a flue gas treatment system
  • an analysis lab