CMI, an increasingly sustainable group

Proud of its past, CMI is decidedly future-oriented. It wants to achieve sustainable industrial  progress, for the benefit of its customers, staff, shareholders, and communities in which it is established and for the planet. To this end, it focuses its action on several major principles.

1. Provide quality jobs

CMI wants to be an employer of reference in the different employment basins: offering quality jobs requires unremitting focus on safety at work and strict compliance with the different national and international legislations. 

2. Reinforce good governance & promote responsible behavior

CMI intends to raise employee awareness and encourage its partners to adopt ethical and  responsible individual and collective behaviour.

3. Encourage the development of ‘green technologies’

CMI is constantly endeavouring to enrich its portfolio of technologies to provide appropriate answers to the challenges facing society. It considers the improvement of the environmental  footprint as a major criterion for the assessment of its technological innovations.

4. Reduce its own environmental footprint and that of customer industries

The very vocation of CMI is to improve the efficiency of equipment it is commissioned to design, upgrade and maintain. In reducing energy consumption, limiting and treating polluting emissions, recovering lost heat and waste, CMI minimizes the environmental footprint of human society. ISO 14001 certification, sustainable development audits, carbon balances of sites and products, virtual  means of communication, raising the awareness of personnel, ‘green’ company vehicles, etc., are all  actions in line with CMI’s ongoing pursuit to reduce its own environmental footprint.

5. Support local development in the communities in which CMI is established

CMI Group assumes it civic role and pays attention to the development of the communities in which  it is established. Frequently represented in local organizations, it lends an attentive ear to the  initiatives for education, the conservation of heritage and promotion of culture and sports.

6. Guarantee the development and viability of the Group over the long term

Strategic master plan, dynamics for continuous progress, plans to improve and mobilize the team…  CMI ensures that it is constantly updating itself so as to maintain the profitability of its activities and generate the means and resources for its long-term development.