High performance strip processing lines for every application

CMI is addressing its customers’ needs for increased operational flexibility with innovative designs for :

Single lines

  • Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL)
  • Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines (CGL) designed to apply different coatings including the very latest AluSi coatings
  • Dual Product Lines
  • Continuous Electro Galvanizing Lines (EGL)
  • Electrolytic Cleaning Lines (ECL)
  • Flux Type Lines
  • Color Coating Lines
  • Inspection/Correction/Tension Leveling Lines

Dual and combi lines

  • Combined continuous annealing lines/ continuous galvanizing lines (Combi CAL-CGL) providing superior surface quality, for high-strength automotive structural components, which improves the safety of vehicles while reducing their weight.
  • Combined continuous galvanizing lines/ color coating lines (CGL/ CCL) limiting capital and operational expenditure and increase eco-friendliness as no intermediate storage, no oiling after CGL and no degreasing before the color coating is required.

Today CMI’s state-of-the-art strip processing lines, feature the full spectrum of CMI’s very latest process technologies:

  • Multi- stage cleaning section
  • Vertical furnace (incl. CMI’s L-Top math model and jet cooling system with energy recovery)
  • Zinc pot section and Air-Knife system
  • APC Blowstab® cooling system
  • Inline skin pass mill and Tension leveler
  • Chemical and Organic roll-coat post treatment
  • Side trimmer and Exit shear
Key benefits
Reliable operation
High throughout rates
Optimized process sections (mechanical, thermal and chemical)
High degree of operational flexibility
Proven high plant availability
Consistent top product quality
Line design adapted to lower maintenance costs (easy service of major equipment increases uptime)