Innovative furnace designs to meet the most advanced requirements for production flexibility and strip quality

The latest generation of CMI’s processing line furnaces and corresponding mathematical models, are designed to process the widest possible range of products including :

  • Fragile ultra-low carbon
  • High strength steels
  • Thin and wide steel strips

The use of all ceramic fiber Non Oxidising Furnace, Inconel P or PP-shaped radiant tubes, CMI’s latest generation of patented jet coolers or patented furnace control mathematical models, controlling all process conditions whether steady or transient, are all integral parts of an optimized, state-of-the-art CMI furnace design.

Based on physical, mechanical and thermal models that help predict the strip behaviour on line, the optimal heating solution is developed. CMI’s mathematical models have been successfully implemented on CMI furnaces, as well as those of all major competitors to improve their productivity and the produced strip quality.

Automated and most modern cooling technologies

To guarantee the required top strip quality and stability, as well as reduce energy consumption, CMI is offering next to its patented state-of- the-art Blowstab ® low vibration cooling system, a range of complementary and patented ultra-rapid cooling technologies:

  • Liquid cooling (IWAC®) system
  • Ultra dry cooling (UDC®) systems

Both of them allow for extremely high heating coefficients and cooling rates of up to 1000°C/s and 600°C/s respectively without strip oxidation, needed for the production of ever stronger, yet ductile, cold-rolled steel grades.

Furnace designs for Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL) (horizontal or vertical design)

Furnace Designs:

  • Non Oxidizing Furnaces (N.O.F.)
  • Radiant Tubes Furnaces (R.T.F.)
  • Any other specific chambers

Cooling systems:

  • Blowstab®, patented steel strip stabilization and cooling system (Blowstab® II) guaranteeing the non-fluttering of the steel strip in the jet coolers or after the pot cooling
  • IWAC®
  • Ultra Dry Cooling (UDC®)

Mathematical models :

  • L-TOP® (vertical furnaces) 
  • LH-top® (horizontal furnaces)

Furnace Designs for Stainless Steel Lines

  • Hot rolled only (for annealing and pickling lines)
  • Cold rolled only (for annealing and pickling lines)
  • Combination HR and CR (for annealing and pickling lines)
  • Bright annealing with high purity internals (vertical or horizontal)
  • Bright annealing with muffle tubes (vertical or horizontal)

Furnace Designs for Silicon Steel Lines

Key benefits
Dynamic and global process control
Latest generation of burners
Highly efficient combustion modes
Most efficient thermal treatment of HSS
Patented, high-performance cooling systems

Reduction of steel alloying elements to facilitate recycling

Optimum heating and cooling curves to achieve required strip properties at minimum energy cost