Full range of strip pickling lines for flat products

Push Pull Pickling lines

CMI’s Push Pull Pickling lines are ensuring excellent operational flexibility in the face of frequently changing strip dimensions and steel grades, and also non-weldable material. Their specific design makes such lines the only practical way of descaling heavy gauge coiled product.

Semi-Continuous- and Continuous Pickling Lines

Semi-Continuous- and Continuous Pickling Lines are used for high capacity production with continuous operation by stitching or welding. In continuous pickling, the line runs at constant speed, while in the Semi-Continuous Line the speed of the strip is reduced during changeover or coil joining, due to the lower capacity of the strip accumulators (loopers).

Design features

Design features of CMI Industry’s continuous pickling lines to optimize pickling time, avoid over-pickling, increase production throughput and reduced line length:

  • High turbulence pickling tank technology
  • Spray pickling modules
  • Pickling Process Management (PPM) system
  • Fully automated acid control management system

In stainless steel pickling applications, CMI Industry’s Neolyte Purification Systems reduces harmful chromium (+6)  to non-toxic  chromium (+3) and regenerates the electrolyte, thus reducing operating costs and the environmental impact of such lines.

Fumes  loaded  with Nox produced during stainless steel pickling, are most efficiently treated in CMI’s latest generation of Selective Catalytic Reactors (SCR-Technology).

Pickling line designs

  • Push Pull or Semi continuous Push Pull Pickling Lines
  • Continuous Pickling Lines (CPL) for carbon steel, including silicon steel, can be part of combined lines:
    • Tandem Cold Mills (PLTCM)
    • Annealing Lines for Silicon Steel
  • Continuous Pickling Lines for stainless steel are incorporated into:
    • Hot Strip Annealing and Pickling Lines (HAPL)
    • Cold Strip Annealing and Pickling Lines (CAPL)
    • Combined Hot/ Cold Strip Annealing Lines (H/CAPL)
    • Direct Roll Annealing Pickling Lines (DRAP)

Acid regenation plants

A perfectly matched CMI Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP), guarantees the most efficient management of consumable process chemicals, thus minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing operating efficiency.

 33.3.05 acid r p21.CIMG1000-13.jpg  32.3.05 acid r p20.RA08_135_ILVA_Italy_ARP_SR-5.jpg  35.3.05 acid regeneration 2014 - Tata ARP FB - 1-19.jpg