Spares and specific tooling

Within the framework of its after-sales service and various maintenance contracts drawn up with its clients, CMI manufactures, stocks and supplies all spares to ensure the proper operation of the equipment it produces in all its areas of expertise: Energy – Defence – Industry.

Beside its own parts, CMI also manufactures and supplies specific spare parts for other sectors of activity. Based on specific analyses, on existing components to be reproduced, on certificates or drawings, when required CMI carries out reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering

Perhaps your regular supplier cannot fulfil your orders, or you no longer have the specifications for certain very old components…  ? Reverse engineering provides the solution:  start with a model and then reproduce and improve it. CMI has machines which can measure in three dimensions and then reproduce the drawings for a component and re-establish all of its specifications. The objective of this technique is to optimise the geometry and materials including the creation of a precious database for your documents. All of this in the best possible time-scales in accordance with the urgency of your requirements.

Examples of spares

  • Parts for Cockerill diesel engines
  • Parts for Cockerill, GE, Henschell locomotives,…
  • Gears of all dimensions
  • Metal rollers
  • All mechanical parts on request

Lastly, when it isn't necessary to replace a part, CMI can also repair existing ones, whether of its own manufacture or not.


  • Availability of stocks and short supply times