Apart from the design and sale of a range of shunting locomotives, CMI offers:

  • lease and maintenance contracts for shunting locomotives belonging to its own locomotive fleet
  • various locomotive and carriage maintenance contracts, of all types

The lease contracts cover the lease and maintenance of the locomotives for a determined period. CMI stands out in particular by offering a more extensive contract, which can also include the running and maintenance of the railway network.

The maintenance contracts cover, according to the client's requirements: the preventive maintenance of locomotives and carriages and/or their corrective maintenance and also  the supply of spares. This type of contract can also be extended to become a general maintenance contract.

As far as locomotives are concerned, CMI also  refurbishes and modernises old locomotives.


  • Lease of shunting locomotives with hydrostatic transmission especially suited to pulling heavy loads


  • 24/7 telephone troubleshooting support;
  • Comprehensive contract: preventive and/or corrective maintenance with availability commitment.