Process water

Manufacturers are major consumers of water. This water is used as thermal fluid in cooling circuits or for boilers, for example, or are reintegrated into the process itself. It must be treated with great care to be purified and achieve its expected chemical and physical properties.

Our expertise and know-how allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for the processing of process water:

The preparation of process water

Process water can be prepared via two main methods: membrane filtration or ion exchange resins.

Depending on the desired water quality, a finishing treatment (polishing-type) may be required on a mixed bed of resins or by electro-deionization (EDI).

Here is an insight of the most conventional pretreatment techniques:

  • Screening
  • Settling
  • Sieving
  • Membrane filtration
  • Filtration
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Decarbonisation using lime
  • Removal of iron, manganese, etc.

Reuse of treated water

The reuse of treated water consists of recovering wastewater after several treatments to remove impurities (including in some cases micro-pollutants, viral and microbial contaminants) to store and use this water again. The reuse of water is thus a way to save money and reduce the environmental impact by preserving this precious resource which is becoming increasingly rare.

The process put in place to purify the water will depend on the use made of the treated water, here are a few examples

  • For standard applications (cleaning floors, equipment, etc.): mechanical filtration
  • For specific applications: membrane treatment + disinfection

Waste water treatment

Depending on the waste characteristics and based on industry standards, various treatment technologies can be used:

  • Neutralization
  • Coagulation
  • Flocculation
  • Lamellar settling
  • Flotation
  • Deoiling
  • Filtration with activated carbon or sand
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis
  • Biological treatment using activated sludge, biofilters, biodiscs, etc.
  • Anaerobic treatment