Process optimisation

After best practices have been tackled, optimizing existing processes comes second on the way to identifying a full energy efficiency solution such as a heat recovery system or the revamp of an installation, for instance.

This is the intent of CMI’s “Optim’Pack” offering. It is built on our wide expertise in feasibility studies and furnace revamping in the metals industry. It addresses this issue in the context of industrial furnaces and includes a range of solutions characterized by low initial investment and quick return on investment.

Example: Driving combustion air fans using variable speed.

Customer issue regarding combustion air network
An electric overconsumtion is observed at the level of each fixed speed ventilator as soon as demand drops below nominal. The regulation and aspiration valves do indeed close, allowing to provide the requested flow/pressure torque.

Limit electric overconsumption.

 Solution implemented
Equip the existing fans with a speed variator and deactivate the aspiration valve.

Rex.png      Rex économies.png

BEFORE: 4 mWh/day – AFTER: 2,5 MWh/day

CMI offers a complete portfolio of the best energy efficiency technologies available in the field of thermal processes:

  • Recuperative burners (below left)
  • Regenerative burners (below right)
  • Self-regenerative burners
  • Low NOx Burners.

These solutions can be offered as part of a revamping.

Bruleurs autorécupératifs.png     Bruleurs régénératifs.png