Preventive and corrective maintenance

CMI offers its clients a wide range of maintenance services dedicated to the performance of their equipment. CMI in particular sets itself apart through its high degree of local commitment, through the wide range of sectors of activity involved and through its ability to operate in various modes via different types of contract.

A flexible offering

Preventive and corrective maintenance programmes cover:

  • Drawing up maintenance plans and associated reports
  • Checking and monitoring of equipment (preventive maintenance including vibration analyses, oil analyses, thermo-graphic analyses…) 
  • Revisions / inspections
  • Scheduled or emergency interventions
  • Mechanical repairs (welding, machining…)
  • Spare parts supply and management
  • Breakdowns
  • Degradation analyses
  • Periodic installation inspections
  • Maintenance of Diesel engines (Cockerill or other).

All of these maintenance programmes combine on-site maintenance works or works in the workshop, according to the nature of the intervention.

Taylor made contracts

  • Controlled costs maintenance where the cost of the intervention is directly linked to the services supplied and means employed.
  • Quoted maintenance where the intervention is set down in terms of the equipment, the time to be taken and the cost. 
  • Global fixed price maintenance which involves taking total charge of a determined area for a fixed amount of time and cost.
  • Production-linked global maintenance where payment for the services provided is directly linked to the production of the equipment ( x Euros / per x units of production such as tonnes, m³, kW, number of parts…).
  • Delegated maintenance through which clients externalise maintenance management. Within this framework, CMI takes all necessary measures to ensure the optimal operation of the equipment in order to achieve fixed performance objectives. Delegated maintenance thus includes audit services, assistance, follow-up or training which provides clients with noticeable improvement of the technical performance of their industrial site without having to coordinate this 7 days, 24 hours.  

The CMI maintenance teams are geographically spread across the densest industrial basins.  According to the needs of its clients, CMI has opted to create mobiles maintenance units which regularly leads to opening new entities.

Diverse nature of the equipment involved

The extensive expertise of CMI in the domain of maintenance gives the necessary versatility to be able to assist a wide range of clients. CMI Services has in particular deployed its skills in the nuclear, steelmaking, energy, petrochemical and infrastructures sectors. CMI is able to take charge of the maintenance of equipment of its own design along with a wide range of equipment from all sources.
On top of this, CMI offers its maintenance services in all types of environment: classic or in controlled environments, at ground level or at height, on land or sea...


  • More than 175 years experience
  • Flexibility and rapid intervention in emergency cases
  • Reduction of costs, of production halts and of the interventions degree of urgency via anticipation
  • Up-to-date fleet of machinery and follow up using maintenance software in order to draw up an archive of data
  • Certifications : MASE – VCA - ISO 9001 version 2008 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001


  • Maintenance and improvement of the environmental performance of equipment serviced