Praytech Maroc

A joint project of the two international groups CMI and Prayon, Praytech Maroc is Morocco's leading industrial maintenance firm. It operates both in the workshop and on site. Apart from providing equipment maintenance services, Praytech Paroc is active in the machining, sheet metalworking, mechanics, assembly trades, etc. It also covers the management of industrial projects, spare parts supply and transfers of industrial facilities.

Located in El Jadida (Maroc), Praytech Maroc provides its services to the chemical, petrochemical, steelmaking, agri-foods, energy, shipbuilding and port, paper mill sectors, etc. It specialises in services to industry.

CMI Praytech Maroc's main assets are:

  • its team of professionals in the maintenance and machining trades;
  • its modern infrastructure and machinery fleet, with all the equipment necessary for greater responsiveness,
  • its high-capability conventional and digitally-controlled machining shop;
  • its capacity to operate both on-site and in the workshop (1450 m² of workshops),
  • its ability to be the force behind progress actions to improve the reliability of all types of industrial facilities.
  • CMI Praytech Maroc joined the CMI Group in 2004.