CMI is an expert in industrial pipework. It offers its industrial pipework know-how in a wide range of sectors of activity. CMI proposes numerous services related to pipework, such as engineering, pre-fabrication in workshops, on site assembly and installations
Just a few examples of what CMI is able to produce:

  • Pipework in carbon and stainless steel for utilities networks
  • Pipework in carbon steel alloy for high temperature networks
  • Pipework in stainless steel for corrosive fluids network
  • Pipework for medium and high pressure 
  • Pipework for nuclear power plants 
  • Pipework for thermal power plants
  • Pipework for conventional boilers
  • Pipework for gas networks 
  • Pipework in stainless steel for food processing
  • Hydraulic pipework for the steelmaking industry
  •  …

Along with this, CMI also produces ironwork and industrial steel structures (passageways, guardrails, supports).

In particular, CMI stands out for:

  • Its capacities in engineering and expertise
  • Its production workshops
  • Its intervention teams able to take charge of the installation of equipment as well as its upgrade, repair and refurbishment