Our solutions

What kind of solutions can CMI bring and in which fields of application?

Developing energy efficiency solutions is fine. Developing and implementing them is even better. However there is more to it. These solutions must be adapted and integrated to the customer’s production process. If not, they run the risk of being just « add-ons » which will not be duly or sufficiently managed and finally die out.

The solutions CMI develops do fit the customer’s production process because they meet their constraints, be these related directly to production operations or to control and maintenance.

The challenge hence consists in

  • Giving energy efficiency its full place in the production flow
  • Anticipating and managing its influence on production operations and their control
  • Taking maintenance requirements into account.

CMI offer a complete range of solutions, from simple expert advice to turnkey projects, which can be deployed at all stages of the process.

Improving energy efficiency starts with very simple things like best practices and process management. These are prerequisites to implementing sustainable action plans. At CMI, we always start with identifying and helping you implement these.

Best practices can relate to:

  • Identifying possible failures in measurement tools
  • Selecting the measurement data adapted to the key performance indicators
  • Determining the actions which can be undertaken during maintenance stops.

matrix gains.png

Only after these adjustments can real actions be undertaken at different levels to generate substantial benefits: process optimization,  command control and monitoring, heat recovery and valuation.