CMI wins the Caïus prize for patronage of the heritage, along with the Caïus public prize

On March 29th, CMI won the Caïus prize for patronage of the heritage, within the framework of highlighting its rich industrial heritage on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. Economic and philosophical heirs to celebrated industrialist John Cockerill, the CMI group is a private company with a public history. The jury, presided by the editor in chief of daily newspaper L’Echo, rewarded the effort made to share this industrial adventure through publishing a book, making a TV documentary, mounting a public exhibition, completing the restoration of the  Cockerill chateau and setting up the John Cockerill Foundation. All of these projects demonstrate the motivation of CMI to preserve, pass on and share with the public at large the material and immaterial heritage which it has been passed.  And the message has clearly been received by the public at large, because CMI also won the public prize, with more than 20% of the votes. Thank you to everyone!