Multiple Hearth Furnaces

The Nesa Solution®, a leader for Multiple Hearth Furnaces (MHF), provides a full set of thermal solutions in the field of calcination and recrystallization, carbonization and activation, concentrate   roasting, torrefaction…

  • Calcination

    Thermal decomposition of carbonates or hydroxides (Mg, Ca, Mn, etc.) into products with the appropriate reactivity and/or Specific Surface Area.

  • Crystallization

    Crystallization of natural or synthetic minerals (e.g. zeolites) in a controlled gaseous atmosphere.

  • Activation

    Carbonization & Activation of fossil coal or biomass for the production of high quality Activated Carbon dedicated to many applications (WWT, syrup decolorizing, heavy metals adsorption…).

  • Roasting

    Pyro-metallurgy of ore concentrates: oxidization roasting (ex. molybdenite) & selective reducing roasting (ex. As & Sb reduction in Cu sulfide).

  • Torrefaction

    Thanks to the versatile technology of the MHF, this fine thermal treatment of biomass transforms a renewable energy into a constant & reliable quality fuel.

Our engineers are specialized in thermal processing and run our Pilot Plant for the demonstration of our know how in thermal conversion of samples from our numerous customers.