Innovative technologies for the metals industry: how to translate your strategic needs into performance

As an international specialist in industrial processes and state-of-the-art technologies, CMI Industry designs, supplies and modernizes:

As a global partner with decades of experience and in depth-knowledge in the machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing, CMI Industry supplies « fit-to-purpose » engineered lines or equipment providing consistent product quality and increased production performance.


Global project management

Complete integration from basic layout to routine operation

  • High performance project management and worldwide coordination
  • Made-to-measure lifecycle management of equipment and lines: design, commissioning, conversion, expansion and upgrading, servicing and spares, training, expertise services and remote assistance

Global execution & sourcing

Today CMI Industry is a globally operating engineering company

  • Efficient global service from a local point of contact through CMI’s engineering, assembly and manufacturing units or regional offices in all major growth regions in the world
  • Low cost sourcing and easy access to the entire portfolio of technologies and services, irrespective of the geographic location

Global manufacturing & assembly

Always close to our customers

CMI Industry’s workshops in Taloja and Hedavali in India and Salem, Ohio in the USA, are equipped with state-of-the-art machining tools that ensure in-house equipment production and assembly activities that conform to the most stringent international quality and safety standards.

2.3.00 intro Taloja Workshop Mill Stand 470C0382-42.jpg    1.3.00 intro 470C0265-41.jpg    10.3.00 Taloja chocks (1)-47.jpg

Continuous research & development

An essential foundation for our and our customers’ competitiveness in a global economy

  • Hot strip mill furnaces also called slab reheating furnaces equipped with Double Regenerative Burners (DRB), an innovation that considerably reduces operating costs through combustion of blast furnace gas.
  • OPExS™ (CMI’s Operation & Process Expert System):  aiming at technical assistance and guidance in the heart of the CGL production process.
  • Latest generation of Spray Pickling technology that drastically increases pickling efficiency and process speed and reduces line length. Coupled with SILASS™, CMI’s  innovative  technology for Si removal, CMI offers the ideal package solution for modern AHSS (advanced high strength steel) and UHSS (ultra high strength steel) pickling lines.
  • Ultra-dry cooling technology that ensures exceptional even strip cooling performance, while guaranteeing superior strip surface quality.
  • New applications for several of CMI’s proven technologies. For example : heat treatment and pyrohydrolisis technologies finding outlets in aeronautics and extractive metallurgy respectively.

5.3.00 Intro LEC_Duesenrohr_BR_660_Duese_Close_gerade-70.jpg   23.3.03 Reheating F Image_1_1-6.jpg   44 bis.3.07 Strip P N°20 Blowstab in after pot cooling section of horizontal furnace A.jpg

CMI Industry’s global brands portfolio

Building on a strong brand legacy

CMI’s thermal  expertise is based on prominent brands in the fields of line-, reheating-, or heat treatment furnaces, related to  well-known names like Heurbel, EFCO (Electrical Furnace Company),  Stalproekt, CMI Thermline, KAPPA Thermline, and ATI Furnace, while its chemical expertise in pickling, degreasing, acid regeneration and other chemical treatment plants is leading back to former Keramchemie,  UVK, Beugin and CMI Chemline. The decades of mechanical expertise in processing lines, rolling mills , and special equipment  is referring to renowned bands like FPE  (Flat Products Equipment), CMI Metallurgy, REKAM  or M&W. This global brands portfolio enables CMI to give its clients valuable advise gained in practical experience for practical applications.

Project financing

Development and implementation of the most adapted financing structures

Safety First

Compliance with the most stringent international quality and safety standards

  • Health & Saftey performance as a result of consequent and systematic action
  • Dedicated QSEi management in place throughout CMI Industry’s worldwide locations focusing on machine safety and reliability

   12.3.01 High Added V N°23 First strip out of CMI Thermline vertical furnace-4.jpg   4.3.00 Intro Industry - 68 - photo en splus Segal RIK_3847-27.jpg   14b.3.01 20150506 - VAMA CGL - Zinc Coating-44.jpg