Manufacturing or modernization of locomotives

CMI designs and builds a range of shunting locomotives equipped with latest-technology hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and AC/AC diesel electric transmissions, offering low maintenance costs and high performance.




Diesel Engine Power

350CV to 500CV

500 to 750 CV

750 to 2000 CV


1000 to 1676 mm

1000 to 1676 mm

1000 to 1676 mm

Load per axle

12 to 25 tons 

12 to 25 tons 

12 to 25 tons 

Bogie axle base



6650 mm

Minimum curve radius

25 m  to  35 m 

50 m

70 m

Maximum traction effort

120 kN 

170 kN

270 kN

Maximum speed

30km/h to 100 km/h

Powerful, compact, robust and fitted with specific equipment according to their use, CMI locomotives are environmentally friendly and built in compliance with sector standards UIC, AAR, CEI, EN …). They are perfectly suited to a variety of uses all over the world:

  • national and private railways
  • industrial sites
  • urban transport

Apart from building new locomotives, CMI also sells shunting locomotives restored in accordance with current operating standards.

CMI rounds off its offer with a range of additional services:

  • modernisation of old locomotives manufactured by CMI or other manufacturers
  • general railway maintenance including the supply of spares
  • lease and maintenance of shunting locomotives made available to clients for a determined period.
  • out-sourced traction
  • Characteristics
  • General characteristics
    • power: from 350 cv to 750 cv
    • weight: from 24 to 100 tons
    • 2-3 or 4 axles
  • Optional equipment
    • automatic coupling
    • dead man's handle
    • double traction
    • event recorder
    • particle filter
    • radio control
    • anti-skid/anti-locking system
    • air conditioning system



    • Over 180 years' expertise in locomotive design, modernisation and maintenance.
    • Over 2000 locomotives with hydrostatic transmission in operation all over the world
    • We take charge of everything: design office, sales and management, assembly and maintenance shops fitted with pits, assembly and lifting machinery
    • Financing and financial structure offer
  • Sustainable:

  • Optimisation of consumption due to overall efficiency
  • Use of biodegradable oil possible
  • Installation of Diesel engines compliant with the latest environmental standards in force
  • Use of particle filters