Maintenance and improvement of boilers all brands

CMI Services designs, manufactures, supplies, and services a large range of components for steam boilers, such as:

  • Evaporator
  • Economizer
  • Superheater
  • Boiler tank
  • Heat exchanger
  • High pressure/high temperature steam piping
  • Clad piping

The expertise of CMI Services in the field of industrial boiler encompasses:

  • Thorough knowledge of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, and metallurgy
  • Design, re-fabrication, and maintenance of industrial boilers
  • Revamping of boilers
  • On-site or in-workshop maintenance
  • Work supervision

The CMI Services teams leverage on specialized workshops equipped for the manufacturing of systems and sub-systems in order to provide a local service close to their customers. The teams boasts qualified workers for erection at site and emergency teams.