CMI has developed recognized expertise in the machining of mechanical parts or assemblies, new or repairable. The technologies used are both traditional and high-tech. CMI stands out particularly for its machining of revolving parts such as gears, gearboxes, bogies, rolls, wind turbine crowns, winding gear drums

Beside the actual machining of parts, CMI can also take care of the thermal treatment (e.g. : normalization annealing) and of surface treatment. The machining of certain parts also involves partial or total refurbishment of damaged or distressed areas.

Machining of new or repairable parts

  • From raw laminated material, oxy-acetylene cut, forged or casted, CMI carries out the modification to the profile of the part in order to obtain a finished part in conformity with drawings. The production via machining may involve a single part, small or large series.
  • In the event of normal or abnormal wear, breakage or a breakdown of all or part of the equipment, CMI machines existing parts, thus modifying them in order to put them back in correct operation.

The machining techniques used are of various types:

  • Turning / Milling / Drilling
  • Boring / Cylindrical and flat correction
  • Electro-erosion

Machining in ‘white rooms’

CMI possesses the necessary infrastructures for machining high added value and complex parts under closely controlled environmental conditions:

  • Controlled atmosphere: cleanliness, temperature and hygrometry conditions
  • High precision levels – to the micron
  • The use of advanced technologies such as high speed machining  and electro-erosion

Machining of small or large dimension parts

The equipment possessed by CMI enables it to take care of machining parts whose weight may vary from a few grams to several tons. CMI has the capacity to machine very bulky parts along with exceptional sizes as well as very broad parts.

Multi-materials machining

CMI machines all types of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, carbide, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, titanium, iron, rubber and graphite.