Batch pickling plants for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Pickling lines for long products are a highly specialized group of batch treatment lines, designed according to the product shape, process required and unique parameters defined by the client. In order to achieve the highest product quality, and achievable production rates, while ensuring environmental friendly operation and low operating & maintenance cost, CMI’s new generation plants feature automated processing using :

  • A Level II or Level III control system
  • Multiple fill-drain cycles via an independent transportation function
  • Cascade rinsing using spray and immersion
  • Waste air and waste  water  treatment  aimed  at minimizing emissions
  • Acid control
  • Acid management: recovery or regeneration processes

Along with high turbulence pickling that ensures uniform pickling conditions and high heat transfer rates, CMI uses hook vibration for uniform pickling and a high pressure spray rinse arrangement that guarantees a clean surface without residual contamination.

Range of batch pickling plants for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • Wire Coil Pickling Lines
  • Tube Pickling Lines
  • Bar Pickling Lines
  • Plate Pickling Lines
  • Universal Pickling Lines

Acid regenation plants

A perfectly matched CMI Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP), guarantees the most efficient management of consumable process chemicals, thus minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing operating efficiency.

 33.3.05 acid r p21.CIMG1000-13.jpg  32.3.05 acid r p20.RA08_135_ILVA_Italy_ARP_SR-5.jpg  35.3.05 acid regeneration 2014 - Tata ARP FB - 1-19.jpg