Li-corne intelligent greasing system

CMI offers the innovative and economic LI-corneTM industrial equipment greasing system. The LI-corneTM portable intelligent lubrication module from CMI makes manual greasing operations easier, more reliable and more optimal. It guarantees the traceability of industrial greasing operations by recognising the greased point and recording various useable parameters using a software system.

LI-corneTM precisely controls the quantity of grease injected. The CMI Services LI- corne™ solution enables the industrial equipment greasing plan to be perfected, costs to be optimised and the impact of greasing on the environment to be limited. Unique on the market, a patent request has been lodged for the the LI-corneTM .

CMI Services provides training in the optimal use of the LI-corneTM greasing system and also takes charge of greasing operations for its clients.

  • Features
    • End nozzle suitable for connection to various types of greasers;
    • Micro- USB portal for communication with a computer;  
    • Easy to use;
    • Can be used on all types of industrial installations;
    • Fitted with a graphic bar which shows the advancement of the grease injection;  
    • Suitable for injection with a manual pump;
    • Suitable for use with a super-pressure device;
    • The TAG FRID suited to dusty industrial environments where the temperature can reach 80°C.
  • Advantages
    • the LI-corneTM is innovative:
    • Greasing operation programming and analysis with software benefiting from advanced functions;
    • Precise measurement of the quantity of grease injected;
    • Detection of anomalies on the circuit (leaks, blockages…);
    • Traceability of greasing operations.
    • The LI-corneTM is economic:
    • Decrease in breakdown levels;
    • Reduced operator intervention time;
    • Optimisation of grease consumption;
    • Lower maintenance costs;
    • Higher equipment availability;
    • Higher yields.