The John Cockerill Foundation

On the occasion of the bicentennial of the arrival of John Cockerill in Seraing in 1817, the CMI Group is creating a private foundation bearing the name of the renowned industrialist. The mission of the Foundation is to highlight the tangible and intangible heritage resulting from the amazing saga of this visionary entrepreneur whose renown spread throughout the world.

The John Cockerill Foundation aims to maintain, develop and transmit the heritage bequeathed by John Cockerill. It coordinates and supports any non-profit activity that allows society to remember the past in order to understand the present and look ahead to the future. It involves, as it were, identifying and sharing the keys to understanding the human, technical and industrial adventure of Cockerill and his successors.

In 2017, the John Cockerill Foundation is involved alongside the CMI Group and partners such as the City of Liège, the Royal Academy of Belgium, the University of Liège, the MMIL [House of Metallurgy and Industry of Liege], the RTBF, etc., in the organisation of events for the general public related to the bicentennial of the arrival of John Cockerill in Seraing.

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