Inspections, assessments and analyses

Specialized both in the manufacture and maintenance of a wide range of equipment, CMI has developed a high degree of expertise in specific inspections and analyses related to life time of all types of equipment.
Through this expertise, CMI is able to provide maintenance engineering which ensures the continuous performance of the equipment operated by its Clients.

Types of inspections and analyses

  • Metallurgical inspections
    • Analysis of steel quality:
      • Thickness and diameter
      • Hardness 
      • Roughness
      • Temperatures measurement
    • Non-destructive inspections
    • Infra-red inspections
    • X-ray inspections
    • Fluorescent and dye penetrant test
    • Video
    • Ultrasonic
  • Painting inspections
  • Geometric inspections
  • Dimensional checks
  • Fault detection and recommendation for improvement and/or repair
    • Unsealing of a fixing element
    • Degradation of gears, belts… …
    • Electromagnetic interference in motors
    • Regulation of carrying belt
    • Realignment and measurement of imbalance (bearings, transmission shafts…)
  • Analysis of  vibration frequency in equipment operating at high frequencies
    • Overall measurements
    • Specific measurements
    • Measurement against comparable vibration levels
  • Metrological analysis
    • Spectral analyses and interpretation


  • Controls applicable on small and large equipment parts
  • Controls applicable on engines, pumps, gearboxes…
  • Industrial X-ray shielded room (12x7x5m)

Advantages :

  • Skilled staff with Atex certification
  • Complete and up to date analysis equipment: gauges, sliding caliper, external and depth micrometers, comparators, calibration bench, sound level meters, strobe light…
  • Control equipment (dimensional metrology) done by COFRAC accredited laboratory