Innovating for the good of humanity and the planet

While remaining proud of its past, CMI is also resolutely oriented towards the future and wishes to generate sustainable industrial progress, to the benefit of its clients, its personnel, its shareholders, the communities in which it is located and the planet. To achieve this, CMI is basing its growth on technological innovation, seen from two standpoints:

CMI therefore dedicates a substantial part of its development efforts to expanding its range of products and services towards those channels involving the production of ‘green’ electricity. It is for this reason that the Group has applied all of its thermo-dynamics engineering skills into the development of a boiler and its component parts for thermo-solar power plants. Where wind energy is concerned, skills in the field of assembling and servicing wind turbines (on- or offshore) have also been developed. And the new applications for Multiple Hearth Furnaces (Nesa Solutions) for recycling waste and for wood roasting, should not be forgotten. The sun, the wind, biomass… it is quite clear that CMI is rolling back the technological frontiers in order to make progress in producing  electricity from renewable energy sources.

CMI, through its dedicated team at CMI Energy Efficiency, also concentrates its innovation efforts into making industrial processes more efficient and more economic in terms of resources, whether by reducing energy consumption, by recovering lost heat, by reducing CO2 emissions or by recycling polluting emissions.

All of the innovative techniques perfected by CMI have the objective, of course, of ensuring reliability, high performance and high output from the equipment involved, the improvements to these various parameters also having a positive impact on energy consumption.

This is a winning formula: better performance from equipment goes hand in hand with reducing its energy consumption. And what is true for new equipment is also true for equipment currently in operation, which benefit from modernization and improvements carried out  by the teams from the CMI Group.