Industrial maintenance and services

CMI Services supports its industrial customers in achieving the best performance level for their facilities.

CMI Services solutions include the implementation of maintenance engineering methodology and operational readiness management, tailored to each situation.

CMI Services elaborates a maintenance concept to meet the industrial customer requirements in terms of maintenance policy and their technical and economical objectives. The specification of the purpose and constraints of equipment is performed, and the failure mode criticality and their consequences are determined.

The solutions required in the field of operational readiness management and maintenance are determined through a structured approach.

Operational Safety

CMI Services works out operational safety techniques adapted to each environment that will impact positively the reliability, maintainability, and the logistical support for maintenance. These techniques will allow improving the performance of industrial facilities and mastering the risks all along the lifetime of the facilities through adapted maintenance effort.

Maintenance design

CMI Services implements methods based on the RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance). Such methods allow, in a structured manner, to perform maintenance engineering works, i.e. optimize existing maintenance plan or design preventive maintenance plans and support elements.

CMI Services performs simulation of maintenance plan as a function of the evolution of reliability data over time.

Organization of Maintenance Function

CMI Services works on the organization of Maintenance Function and notably on the main operational functions that are “Methods”, “resource management”, “management of inventory and special tooling”, “maintenance operations”.

CMI Services scope of work encompasses the definition of processes and activities, the information & communication flows within the Maintenance Dpt and across departments.

Operational feedback management

CMI Services works out analysis methodologies and implements software solutions allowing to gather operational feedback data (technical and maintenance records) and to leverage it through performance plan and continuous improvement action plan.