Denapak and Denarad industrial steam production boilers

CMI designs, manufactures and maintains industrial steam production boilers marketed under the brand names Denapak and Denarad.

The principal characteristics of these boilers are:

  • Boilers designed to function at high pressure
  • Construction with membrane walls for pressurised combustion which avoids gas leaks, reduces problems due to corrosion and consequently maintenance costs
  • Use of in-line tubing on the principal boiler cluster, in order to make optimal use of the exchanger surface and enhancing efficient cleaning via soot blowers
  • Protection of the super-heater against direct flame radiation, thanks to an entrance cluster which keeps the super-heating tubes at low temperature and reduces high temperature corrosion
  • Use of a condensation pre-heater which avoids humid point corrosion
  • High quality of steam obtained by the large dimension tanks and reduced steam speed
  • Simplified foundations and rapid installation thanks to rigid chassis and handling lug

Beside the production and maintenance of these two types of boilers, CMI has wider expertise in the domain of boilers which includes: