Industrial and urban waste water


Pumping stations are used to pump the waste water (from sewages industrial wastes or simply rain water)to a collection tank or a waste water treatment plant. CMI Environment offers solutions to remove solids from the waste water before any specific treatment process. Technics such as screening is a pre-treatment process which retains solids of a certain size (bottles, wood, baby wipes, etc.) and protects the mechanical equipment on the plants.

The pumping stations can be equipped with submersible, surface or Archimedean screw pumps.

Treatment plants

Before discharge into the environment or for use in irrigation, it is essential to treat the water to reduce its pollution load. The treatment will be specially adapted to the composition of the wastewater, the discharge standards imposed, the variability of the pollution load and the hydraulic head arriving at the station.

CMI Environment has developed various processes tailored to the specific needs of each customer:

  • Conventional activated sludge
  • SBR biological treatment (tank with alternating cycles)
  • Biodiscs
  • MBR (Membrane BioReactor)
  • Physical-chemical treatment
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Deodorization via biological treatment, activated carbon adsorption or chemical scrubbing
  • Anaerobic treatment


CMI Environment designs and equips installations for the recovery, storage and management of rainwater.

During rainy periods, additional cubic meters of water are collected in the drainage networks. They are then mixed with municipal wastewater or harvested separately.

In both cases, it is necessary to build storage and possibly treatment facilities because of the pollution load of rain water (sand, suspended solids, heavy metals etc.).

Various facilities are proposed for rinsing tanks, pollution control and pumping:

  • Tipping buckets,
  • Hydro-ejectors,
  • Vacuum systems,
  • Physical-chemical treatment
  • Lamella separator,
  • Vortex separator.