HRSG Aftersales Services

CMI Energy offers a range of technical services and advices to modernize, repair or overhaul boilers of all ratings and brands.

Technical Expertise

  • Boiler Inspections allow the best diagnosis and draw up the most adequate action plan.
  • HRSG Dry Cleaning help improve efficiency of your equipment and avoid any risk of corrosion or tube damage.
  • LifeTime Assessment (RLTA) : operation parameter analyzes, replica, inspections, calculations diagnostics and évolutions.
  • Boiler Stress Evaluator : HRSG on line monitoring and life time follow-up. This support ensures a reliable statement and allows to provide a customized action plan.
  • Qualified Supervision to follow implementation of repair work or turnkey basis solution.
  • Trainings.

Revampings and repairs

  • Re-engineering of old designs of any brand of HRSGs. For example, new duct and insulation concept. CMI also proposes equipment fabrication and assembly.
  • Pressure Parts Improvements for pressure parts recurrent failures occurring on HRSGs that were not fabricated by CMI.
  • Engineering and installation of specific equipment on HRSGs in operation, e.g. adding an SCR, burners, a lift, sootblowers…


  • Gas Turbine Upgrades, Process Modifications, Thermal Performance Calculations, Customized Services for Feasibility Study…
  • Seismic calculations.
  • Piping stress and Flexibility Calculations.

Spare Parts

  • Supply of Original Spare Parts.
  • Recommendations for Strategic Storage.
  • Customized Solutions for replacing parts if necessary.