Heat recovery and re-use

After hunting for waste, introducing best practices, and after optimizing processes, command control and monitoring, true recovery and valuation projects can be launched.

CMI develops integrated recovery solutions to address the major fatal heat sources:

Heat recovery and valuation of high temperature solid waste

These energy losses represent a major part of the potential improvement in the industry. In a continuous casting process, these amount to around 300TWh/year globally. However, the energy cannot be recovered with current equipment.

CMI provides an innovative recovery solution which consists in using a radiating exchanger to recover and value lost heat in the form of hot water or steam.

Example: furnace for steel slabs at 900°C.

Four à brames d'acier.png

For a 1Mt/y production, the slabs contain enough energy to produce 20t/h of superheated steam (14 bar at 220°C). The system adapts to customer energy needs. It can also produce at different pressures and temperatures.

Heat recovery and valuation of waste gases

The temperatures of fumes coming out of the NOF (Non Oxidizing Furnaces) in galvanizing and annealing lines can be as high as 1100°C. They are usually diluted before going to a regenerator while, at the other end of the chain, combustion air is preheated to 450°C.

Our solution is to preheat the combustion air to 900° C with a rotary heat exchanger. While integrating perfectly with the existing circuit, this system allows a savings of 20% in natural gas.

Four NOF.png

Heat recovery and valuation of liquid waste

CMI has developed an innovative solution to value the heat of process water from cooling towers.

When comparing to the standard system …

New way.png

… CMI Energy Efficiency has developed a different approach to reducing the cost of a complete heat exchanger/heat pump/connection set.
Our solution consists in:

  • Identifying the best price/performance options for the key equipment
  • Designing the complete set in a standardized container platform in order to reduce installation cost
  • Working with workshops for pre-assembly
  • Monitoring remotely to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

Containerized unit.png

Nos solutions de valorisation / récupération de chaleur pourraient être la solution pour votre entreprise.
Vous avez une problématique spécifique à nous soumettre.
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