Global servicing & spares : high value added services

The relationship with customers continues after the equipment has been successfully commissioned and handed over. CMI Industry offers:

Life-cycle maintenance

Life-cycle maintenance to minimize downtime. CMI ensures the fast delivery of critical parts at competitive prices. It offers preventive and regular maintenance programs, as well as modernization, from small revamping jobs up to full line up-grades, to optimize productivity.

Training and process & technology consultancy

Customized training and process & technology consultancy to guarantee the transfer of know-how. This offer is ranging from training for customers’ operating and maintenance personnel on site, or in CMI’s dedicated training centers, to energy/ quality/process/technology consultancy thanks to its worldwide network of experts.

Operation and Process Expert System (OPExS™)

Specialist know how coupled with an intelligent software to allow for consistent product quality and increased production performance for strip processing. CMI’s integrated software is analyzing all process and coil data to give the best possible advice both in terms of the selection of suitable operational parameters and production processes.

OPExS Screenshot_1.png

 CMI’s dedicated software, a vital part of the global OPExS ™ offer.

OPExS™ value offer: audits, certification for the automotive industry, operation expertise, and software to reduce cost, increase productivity, improve product quality, and ensure safety.

For more information, please consult the dedicated brochure:

"Operation & Process Expert System (OPExS™) to deliver tangible value by bridging the knowing-doing gap"

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CMI Industry's value proposition

As a global partner with decades of experience and in depth-knowledge in the machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing, CMI Industry supplies « fit-to-purpose » engineered lines or equipment providing consistent product quality and increased production performance. (for more information: click here)

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