General railway maintenance

Apart from the building of shunting locomotives, the lease of locomotives and the out-sourced traction contracts, CMI also carries out the operational maintenance of its clients' locomotives, carriages and railway networks.

The services CMI offers for all or part of rolling stock, whether manufactured by it or by other manufacturers include:

  • Maintenance and repair of locomotives, carriages and track, including the supply of spares.
  • Highly qualified, experienced teams with 24/7 response.
  • Modernisation and refurbishment of locomotives: installation of hydrostatic transmission, replacement of main obsolete components, radio control equipment, installation of various optional systems… 

Work on:

  • Locomotives, carriages and track
  • Equipment manufactured by CMI or other manufacturers


  • Large-capacity workshops fitted with pits, assembly and lifting machinery
  • Locomotive design appraisal


Maintenance and modernisation of locomotives increases their lifetime and guarantees their environmental conformity (example: installation of particle filters and latest-generation diesel engines)