Gears and gearboxes

Under the De Malzine brand, CMI designs and manufactures special gearboxes and industrial gears.

For this equipment, CMI also provides technical assistance on site and various maintenance contracts. CMI also undertakes the reconditioning and modernisation of all types of industrial gearbox.

Special gearboxes

  • kiln gearboxes
  • mill gearboxes
  • pinion framing for steelmaking
  • extruder gearboxes (plastic extrusion)
  • pulp squeezer regulating gearboxes (sugar industry)
  • flattener gearboxes (steelmaking)
  • coiler and uncoiler gearboxes (steelmaking)
  • shunting locomotive gearboxes (CMI)

Industrial gears

Gears able to achieve Ø 8200 mm. For example :

  • large crowns, interior and exterior teeth
  • Straight-toothed or spiral bevel gears
  • pinion shafts
  • pinions
  • wheels
  • Sunderland chevron type cutting
  • Gleason conical type cutting
  • Coal mill gears
  • windturbine directional bottom crowns

Gears Characteristics

  • Exterior cutting: Ø max 8200 mm – max breadth 1750 mm
  • Interior cutting: Ø max 6000 mm – max breadth 350 mm
  • Cutting by generation: max module 40
  • Cutting by shaping mills: max module 75
  • Gleason conical cutting: Ø max 1650 mm – max breadth 25.4 mm
  • Straight conical cutting: Ø max 4700 mm
  • Rectification of straight, spiral and worm gears


  • Amongst the biggest cutting capacities in Europe
  • ISO 9001 version 2008