FLNG, Maritime HRSGs for mobile gas compression stations

Traditionally, natural gas is liquefied onshore before being transported away. The FLNG concept (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) consists in compressing natural gas into liquefied gas on a vessel. This avoids long and expensive onshore liquefaction and enables to be independent of specific onshore gas compression facilities as vessels can directly liquefy gas on board. Gas can therefore be delivered faster to its final destination.

CMI Energy offers the design and supply of boilers dedicated for the conversion of ships into FLNG applications. CMI designs HRSGs that produce the necessary steam for steam turbines, along with the steam required for the liquefaction process. In order to make an optimal use of the space available on board. CMI experts offer a vertical boiler technology as well as a boiler modularization. For reasons of pitching and rolling, these boilers are designed with assisted circulation rather than with natural circulation, which is more usually the case for larger boilers installed in electric power plants. These CMI boilers also respect severe specific marine requirements being DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certified.

CMI Energy can demonstrate a first reference for these “marine” boilers. This is a product diversification that illustrates the know-how of CMI Energy and its capacity to design projects for new applications. It also demonstrates the great potential of CMI Energy’s teams all over the world.