Financial engineering and subsidies

We help you find the appropriate financing for your project

It’s often said such projects require capital to achieve. It’s often said energy efficiency is “nice to have” but not a priority. And too, incentives exist in many countries, but are often little-promoted and, therefore, are unknown to those who may be interested in them.

To us, financing is part of project management and hence we consider it our role to cover it along with technical aspects. This is the reason why, before engaging in such a project, we undertake with you the search for grants and subsidies that will fund the audits and feasibility studies and implement the chosen solutions.

These can be innovation aids, European subsidies, interest-free loans, buy-back programs, tax credits and others. CMI prepares and introduces the request files, optimize the amounts, manage and follow up the whole process.

We can also support you in preparing your files for obtaining a third party-investment. In this case, the financing is brought by a third-party investor who is repaid directly from your energy savings.

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Do you have an energy efficiency project in mind but find it difficult to precisely assess the various steps involved or discover the best financial support?
A CMI Energy Efficiency expert is available to you by phone at +33 (0)1 30 45 90 48 or by email at