Recovery and Pyrohydrolysis Plants: the efficient way of extracting metal compounds

With decades of experience in pyrohydrolysis, calcination, sintering, and roasting, CMI Industry offers a full range of innovative solutions from initial feasibility studies and pilot plant trials, to full scale plants.

Related Up-and Downstream Processes

CMI‘s technologies allow for the most effective and cost efficient extraction of a wide range of metals by chemical and physical methods. As such CMI can supply pyrohydrolysis acid regeneration plants based either on fluidized bed (FB) or on spray roaster (SR) technology.

  • Solid / Liquid Separation: Filtration – Thickening - Flotation
  • Chemical / Physical Separation: Solvent Extraction (SX) - Ion-Exchange (IEX) – Precipitation - Ad-/Absorption - Membrane Process - Calcination – Sintering - Roasting
  • Metal Recovery : Chemical Reduction – Electrolysis - Cementation

Typical Applications

CMI’s unique product range in the field of metal extraction solutions suits the production of a wide variety of valuable intermediate and finished compounds (ore concentrates, hydroxides, mixed oxides).

  • Magnesia (DBM, CCM +98 wt%, Sinter +99wt%) from Magnesite, Serpentine, Dolomite, Brucite, Bischofite, flue dust, end brines from Potash production
  • Synthetic Rutile (+95.5 wt% TiO2) and Titanium dioxide pigment grade (+99 wt% TiO2) from Ilmenite
  • Nickel oxide and Cobalt oxide from Laterites
  • Alumina from clays
  • Rare Earth Oxides (REO) from Monazite, Bastnasite, Loparite, Xenotime

Additionally, CMI and its partner Ti-Cons combined their competences and offer an Integrated Process for the production of titania pigment from ilmenite or upgraded slag.The process combines CMI’s Synthetic Rutile Process and the Chloride Process (CP) offered by Ti-Cons.

Key Benefits

Pressure / atmospheric leaching based on HCl is a highly effective method for the extraction of metals and their compounds

Total recovery of HCl by Pyrohydrolysis gives independence from chemical suppliers and greatly enhances the environmental performance of the overall processes

Pyrohydrolysis produces high quality metal oxides

CMI Industry's value proposition

As a global partner with decades of experience and in depth-knowledge in the machinery and plant construction in steel and nonferrous metals processing, CMI Industry supplies « fit-to-purpose » engineered lines or equipment providing consistent product quality and increased production performance. (for more information: click here)

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