Operational decisions for a profitable growth

CMI Group's Executive Committee makes proposals to the Board of Directors regarding the strategy, development, monitoring and financing of the Group’s activities, to ensure profitable growth. It takes operational decisions in line with the decisions of the Board of Directors. It defines the options that CMI’s representatives will present at the board level of the various subsidiaries. The Executive Committee ensures the optimization of the convergence between operating sectors in financial, human, technical and commercial terms. If necessary it arbitrates. It embodies CMI’s values and spirit, and ensures compliance with the Corporate Identity. It represents the Group before its institutional partners.

The composition of the Executive Committee changes in line with the development of the Group to guarantee a balanced representation of the operating and functional units. In its core format, the Executive Committee is composed of the Managing Director, five operating managers and four managers of support functions. In its extended version, senior managers join the Executive Committee for a quarterly operational monitoring and an annual strategic reflection.

Executive Committee

Jean-Luc Maurange CEO
Brigitte Coppens Chief Human Resources and Communication Officer 
Joao Felix Da Silva Executive President CMI Industry
Yves Honhon Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Jean Jouet Executive President CMI Environment and Chief Development Officer
Jean-Marc Kohlgruber Chief Strategic Planning Officer
Thierry Renaudin Executive President CMI Defence
Jean-Michel Gheeraerdts Executive President CMI Energy
Patrick Paramore Chief Sales and Legal Officer 
Franck Pasqualini Executive President CMI Services

Extended Executive Committee

Denis Debroux Chief Information Officer
Jean Gourp Vice-President CMI Services
Fabrice Orban Vice-President Metals, CMI Industry