Equipment and active or contaminated waste handling

CMI designs and manufactures containers for active or contaminated equipment and waste. These containers allow the packaging of radioactived parts before removing them from a nuclear zone, while guaranteeing the safety of the outside environment.

The packaged equipment is mainly the Upper Internal Elements (UIE) of nuclear reactors. Removed parts can be large, with a very high level of radioactivity and stored in the baths.

In addition to these containers, CMI also provides operating kits enabling commissioning on site and by the client: transport framework, rocking levers, walkways, drying systems, additional protection tools...

CMI’s global offer includes:

  • Project management
  • Design of radioprotection and mechanical behavior in order to guarantee safety
  • Manufacture of packaging
  • Drawing up and supplying of operating kits
  • On-site storage of used equipment during replacement operations while waiting for specialized  handling
  • Transport away from the site in type A containers