Entrusting CMI with your energy audit and greenhouse gas emissions calculation

Whether for energy consumption or emissions management, the challenge is the same regardless of industry: acquire understanding to better manage or master energy consumption or greenhouse emissions while providing the same level of reliability and performance at facilities.

Beyond this, all large companies today are encouraged to conduct such audits. Those that have deployed an energy management system, such as ISO 500001, are already considered in compliance.

your audit ?                           your greenhouse gas emissions calculation ?

How can we at CMI Energy Efficiency help with your audit?

Thanks to the process expertise gained by all Group companies in different sectors all around the world, CMI Energy Efficiency helps you to

  • Develop energy mapping of targeted procedures;  
    Objective—Identify and quantify areas of improvements
  • Identify and implement “quick win” actions with no investment;
    Objective—Generate immediate gains.
  • Define and implement realistic key indicators of energy performance:
    Objective—Ensure correct, regular and consistent monitoring
  • Issue a clear and customized action plan with the most suitable energy efficiency solutions

How do we do it? In two stages: Understand and then improve.

Understand to improve.png

And with your greenhouse gas emissions calculation?

At CMI we did not wait for greenhouse gas emissions footprint or other environmental measures to be compulsory to include these in our business and in our relationships with our partners.  These are, indeed, rooted in the foundations of our Group.

The first step toward reducing our environmental footprint is to control greenhouse gas emissions namely carbon dioxide (CO2 produced, for example, by combustion), methane (produced by degradation), nitrogen protoxide (produced by farming) and F-gases (produced by industrial process like the cold chain for instance).

Reducing greenhouse gas  emissions means assessing an activity, a site, a company, or even a group of companies as is the case with CMI. This assessment allows an accounting of the various kinds of emissions, namely:

  • Direct emissions (i.e. those resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels, either by fixed sources like boilers, or mobile ones, like vehicles).
  • Indirect emissions (both from purchased electricity and from electricity production).
  • Other emissions (products and services purchasing, waste, commuting workers or product end-of-life).

CMI Energy Efficiency carries out your greenhouse gas emissions calculation in a simple and practical way, based on clear categories : energy, non-energy (refrigerant gas leaks for instance), inputs (all the elements which are part of the production process : raw material, components, workforce, supplies, etc.), packaging, transport, people mobility, waste, fixed assets, product utilization, product disposal (what will their impact on the environment be once they become waste).

This division of categories facilitates data collection and archiving, emissions calculation and finally the preparation and prioritizing of action plans. The purpose is not only to be compliant with legal obligations in the field, but also, above all, to provide companies with extra value and even a true competitive advantage.

Do you need help with your energy audit or greenhouse gas emissions calculation?
One of our experts at CMI Energy Efficiency is at your disposal by phone at +33 (0)1 30 45 90 77 or by email at energy.efficiency@cmigroupe.com