Engineering offices

CMI Services has engineering offices which help in the conception of CMI Services projects and in carrying out specific studies directly awarded by clients:

  • Pre-project engineering
  • Basic design
  • Execution and construction engineering
  • Reverse engineering

Whether it involves the overall conception of a project, or the detailed conception of components, the engineering office takes care of:

  • Specifications: mechanical, resistance or flexibility analysis…
  • Norms: risk analysis in accordance with European norms and directives
  • Documentation management
  • Quality document management
  • Mathematical modelling
  • CAD (Computer Assisted Design) : AutoCAD 3D 2010

Examples of studies

In cooperation with all the operational units of CMI Services, the engineerign offices contribute to new works, projects, performance improvements and return to operational norms by revamping, upgrading and rehabilitation or by equipment transfer.

A few examples:


  • Analysis and resolution of boiler malfunction
  • Pipe work flexibility calculations including earthquake resistance
  • Calculations in accordance with specifications and norms
  • Overall study of the thermal, mechanical, automation and control procedures
  • Engineering of component parts for new industrial boiler
  • Specialized combustion studies: biomass, wood pellets, solar receivers and environmental conformity
  • Mathematical modeling of boilers
  • Rehabilitation and conformity of boilers


  • Analysis and resolution of equipment malfunction
  • Calculations in accordance with specifications and norms
  • Establishment of operational methods for specific welding
  • Complete studies for the renovation of fire circuits with flexibility calculations including earthquake resistance 
  • Heat exchanger sizing studies
  • Modeling studies for equipment handling
  • Engineering and manufacturing of specific machinery


  • Total conception of shunting locomotives including :
    • Conception and sizing of main chassis and bogies
    • Conception of the automated control systems
    • Conception of the pneumatic circuits 
    • Conception of the hydraulic circuits 
    • Sizing of the drive train: diesel engine, hydraulic transmission, gearbox, wheel sets …
  • 3D modeling
  • Engineering for up grading of existing shunting locomotives: 
    • Transforming to remote radio-control
    • Up grading of electro-pneumatic components
    • New power unit
    •  …


  • Pre-project for new production workshop lay out
  • Pre-project studies for returning barrages to operational conditions
  • Studies for installing new equipment in an existing production line
  • Studies for installing special machinery in an existing production line
  • Safety studies of production lines
  • Isometric sketching of new pipe work on client facilities