Energy Efficiency

Managing our energy efficiency is nothing new to CMI. It has been ten years already since the Group started to include the subject in the management of the projects we have been submitted. So far these projects have related mainly to furnaces, a production tool which the Group has mastered but a high energy-consuming one indeed.

Whereas, in the past, our activities mainly targeted losses related to the thermal processes of furnaces, today CMI Energy Efficiency goes beyond this. It offers advanced solutions for optimizing energy efficiency, from design to implementation:

  • Thermal processes: metal industry, surface treatment, glass, cement, agri-business, chemistry, paper, water treatment.
  • Utilities: heat and cold production, pressurized air, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, air treatment, pump-houses.
  • Fatal heat recovering and recycling

    Process thermiques.png   Utilities.png   Valorisation de chaleurs fatales.png

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