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Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development


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CMI, an increasingly sustainable group

CMI wishes to generate sustainable industrial progress for the benefit of its customers, employees, shareholders, the communities in which it is located and the planet. This determination constitutes the backdrop of all the CMI Group’s decisions based on the six cornerstones of its commitment.

1. Provide quality jobs

Providing quality jobs entails in particular an ongoing commitment to occupational safety, strict compliance with the relevant national and international legislation, unwavering attention to the development of skills, mechanisms for consultation and mobilization to tackle looming challenges or, more simply, programs to make the workplace more pleasant and more ergonomic.

2. Reinforce governance and promote responsible behavior

Ethics Committee, codes of conduct for employees, an ethics charter for financiers, an internal Audit unit… CMI is constantly improving its governance tools. It encourages its partners and employees to adopt responsible individual and collective behavior.

3. Encourage the development and production of “green“ technologies

CMI places its expertise at the disposal of electricity generation from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wood and the wind. The CMI Group considers improvement of the ecological footprint a major criterion for assessing its technological innovations. Furthermore, it is the very aim of CMI to improve the efficiency of equipment it is entrusted to design, modernize or maintain. CMI is developing technologies and services geared to reducing the environmental footprint of its client industries by reducing energy consumption, limiting and recycling polluting emissions, and recovering lost calories and waste.

4. Reduce the Group’s own environmental footprint

CMI endeavors to minimize its own environmental footprint and is stepping up its actions to that end: carbon footprint assessments of sites and products, selective waste sorting, undertaking local commitments to encourage remote communication to reduce travel, employee awareness raising, selection of supplies and suppliers, adapted mobility policy, etc. Its environmental management meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and has passed with flying colors Sustainable Development audits.

5. Support local developments in communities where CMI is established

The CMI Group is keen to contribute to the development of regions in which it is established. Beyond the repercussions of its economic activity in terms of jobs and income, representatives of the CMI Group do not hesitate to place their skills and facilities at the service of local initiatives or to pay particular attention to the demands of local residents, particularly when it comes to supporting education, culture or sport.

6. Guarantee the Group’s growth and viability in the long term

To remain viable and generate the financial means for growth, the Group is sustained by a continuous progress process along six axes. The progress objectives are reviewed periodically depending on the change of the environment, and action plans are implemented at all levels of the organization, from the Group to the individuals.